Saturday, 17 March 2018

Four-part Harmony

Four chambers of the human heart - 
One chamber for music, no doubt,  
An intimate stirring of visceral strings; 

An atrium, pulsing with passion  
For romance, the arts 
Whose sculpted walls, unbridled, sing  

One airy space with muted corona  
Where contemplatives' breath 
Is silken, soft-pedal sound  

One earthen, cave-like room -
The epicenter of all life -
Receives form from ground  

At home with one another, 
They resonate within -
Melodious tremble and thrum                                                    

Friday, 16 March 2018

Conception of an Artist

The psychology of creativity is in its essence feminine because the creative world of art leaps from the unconscious depths, that is, from the domain of mothers. Carl Jung 

As if from the womb, she leaps 
Armed with implements of balladry,  Within her fingers' grip; 
In timeless time She was immersed in mystery 
Siphoning sounds into her chemistry - 
Those murmurs from another world, 
Upon her liquid tongue; 
A luminescence guides her, 
Beyond her pool of incubation,  
Into waterways unknown; 
Her lungs expand  
And vibrate  
As her hands glide 
Over ebony  
And parchment  
Where she fully comes to life 

Thursday, 15 March 2018

What's Your Shadow Like?

My shadow is a shape-shifting,
Steady presence  
Sometimes when we’re out together,  
She climbs the roadside fence  

Sometime she slinks behind me,  
Curled up like a ball  
Sometimes it looks like she’s on stilts  
With such long legs and tall  

My shadow likes to be in front  
And lead the way 
She likes to be included, 
Not disappear into the shade  

She likes to go for walks  
In the park and by the sea 
She likes to hold hands  
And tries to kiss  
The man beside of me 

She likes when she  
Has flowers in her hair 
And that the purse she carries  
Is as light as air 

She likes to dance and skip  
And sometimes stomp her feet 
She likes the sunshine  
And she likes me 
And I think that's really neat  

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Frances is a free one, 
Full of brilliant light 
She prances barefoot, 
With beauty and delight  
When her passionate eyes  
Glance beneath  
The conifer's branches - 
Its needles nesting  
In the shape of love; 
Papayas, paper, droplets of dew 
Also enchant her 
Fill her breath with Yes! 
Her heart, with gratitude; 
With a twinkle in her eyes, 
She celebrates Creation 
In tune with its symphony, 
Enhancing situations 
Is she a dazzling goddess 
In emerald and aquamarine? 
If you've ever heard her smile, 
Chances are  
You know just what I mean