Saturday, 11 November 2017

The Vault of the Sky

In the vast vault 
And chamber of sky,
Venus sparkles,
Upon black velvet, bright;
Galaxies on the horizon
Are veiled and sealed;
With a special lens
These valuable gems 
Are revealed;
Glowing orbs 
And radiant rings twinkle
With diadem's delight - 
The universe, a rich vista
Of jewels in the night
November 11, 2017

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Manitchewan, Saskbertoba

Rust coloured trains
Snake alongside 
The Trans-Canada Highway
Through fields of summer
Or flat lands of snow
Past slow-moving tractors
And elevators
That go nowhere at all

Between static 

On the car radio,
The twang of country music
Crops up,
Heat billows in
Past the bug-splattered screen,
The scent of a disturbed skunk
In the distance

The living sky flashes

With echoes from our genesis,
The boom and crackle
Of God's voice in our receptors

There is wildness here

In the land of cattle and combines
Where the wind whips,
Corrals into tornadoes
That reap destruction,
Tips cows on a whim
But the people are friendly -
They'd give you the plaid 
Off their brown, leathery backs
November 8, 2017

Sunday, 5 November 2017

No Poets Allowed

No poets allowed
The morning classified read
Well, that just made me fume,
Go red in the head

No wordsmiths like Wordsworth?
And decent blokes like Blake?
Like lots of the news these days,
Maybe it's fake

Is it legal to say
To Shakespeare's crowd
"No stanzas! No quatrains!
No sonneting allowed!"?

"You're not welcome here
With your quill and your pen
Thank you kindly, but please
Don't come back here again"

What about people
Who might dabble in haiku?
"No, none of them, too!"

How dare they discriminate
Against the versifying masses
Oh, wait a minute
Where did I put my glasses?
November 3, 2017   

The Plastic Ocean

I tell you there is a beach on Oahu
with blue and green sand;
you say, "Cool, I want to go there"
then you change your plans
when I tell you
it's because of all the 
plastic in the Pacific;
you are utterly repelled
but I wonder if you are compelled
to stop buying what 'they' sell
styrofoam, disposable cups, 
straws, plastic tampons, 
tally it up
crush it, flush it, brush it aside
we live in a disposable world
of generational genocide;
save your plastic Raybans 
for your grandsons and granddaughters;
their future's so glaring
they'll be walking on water
October 27, 2017    

Friday, 27 October 2017


My house was on the avenue
The neighbours lived down the road
My hair was in a bouffant
Theirs in pigtails and bows
We had bureaus in the boudoirs
Filled with negligees and camisoles
They folded PJs and undershirts
Into dressers, or onto chairs, let them fall
At dinner, we sipped on Merlot
In the salon, we perched upon divans
They lounged about on couches after supper,
Ate pizza with their hands
We were chichi before it was chic
And bewitching and beguiling
They were down to earth
And always seemed to be smiling
October 25, 2017

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The Sailboat

The sail
The white
The blue
The water
The sparkle
The shine
The waves
The wind
The air
The birds
The song
The stars
The moon
The pull
The draw
The breath
The laughter
The smile
The peace
The calm                             
October 25, 2017 

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Keepsakes From My Father

My father's workshop 
was not much wider 
than our Pontiac station wagon
but it was plenty of room for him,
always the shortest
in his airforce snaps

A crib and doll cradle
were birthed in the shadows
where sawdust and smoke
from his menthols swirled
then came a dollhouse and playhouse,
later a desk, all for the oldest girl
then a clock and coffee table
of lacquered burl 
but that didn't keep him away 
from the liquor store

In his 40's, he learned new tricks
at night school, with plastic his clay,
he made groovy melted vases and bowls 
and a purple fishing line lamp,
not as cool as the old wooden one
a spiral staircase to the sun

They sold the house 
and boxed up family memories
of digging out the billiard room
and painting 3 additional bedrooms
one blue, one green and the red one
which later became his office
where he watched The Flintstones
and drank spiked cactus cooler

My dad reconstructed himself,
baking muffins for the seniors' group;
he stood tall next to his trophies
for snooker and curling,
his 7 grandchildren;
he was 6 feet under 
before they reached 5 feet
October 22, 2017