Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Will You Push Me?

Will you push me on the swing 
So I might think that I have wings 
Will you push me from behind 
So I could feel that I can fly 
Will you push me bit by bit  
So I'm not at all afraid of it 
Will you push me everyday 
Help me kick the clouds away 
Will you push me as I grow older 
Softly grab me by the shoulder 
Will you push me, push me back 
So I always know you’ve got my back 
Will you push me, make me try 
So that I stretch to touch the sky 
Will you push me, push me far 
So I can reach my dreams, the stars      

Saturday, 8 June 2019

The Plight of the Peony

My days of being caressed  
And titillated  
By those rotund bumblers’ 
Dangling feet 
Have been cut short 

I am no longer bathed  
In the luxurious warmth 
From the globe of illumination  
Or sprinkled and splashed  
With succulent life  

Instead, my severed stem 
Was doused in tepid tap water 
While my head careened  
Against cold, imprisoning glass 
To droop, dispirited, 
Thirsty for hope 

I know full well 
My buxom fragrance  
This spiritless box 
Yet I find nostrils 
Inserting themselves 
Between my silk petals  
As if they could inhale  
Angelic bliss 
Before I am to be  
Casually discarded, 
Heaped with tomorrow's  
Repugnant coffee grounds 

‘Tis the cruelest of jokes   

Sunday, 14 April 2019

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not?

Daisy petals, dahlias,  
Daffodils sublime 
Edelweiss, foxglove, gladiolus 
Gladden me each time 
Honeysuckle, iris 
Jacaranda cover 
Kalanchoe, lily of the valley 
Where bees are blessed to hover 
Magnolia, nasturtium, 
Oleander, too 
Pansy, peony, periwinkle 
Please don’t make me choose 
Queen Anne’s lace, the rose, 
Sunflowers and snowdrops 
Tulips, trillium, ursinia: 
Your yellow petals pop 
Verbena, violet,  
Wisteria, water lily 
With petals oh so frilly 
Yellow bell, zinnia  
Aster, alyssum sweet 
Baby's breath, begonias 
Hearts that perfume bleed 
The cosmos rings with coral bells, 
Crocus and cyclamen 
Calla lilies, California poppies concur 
He loves me! He loves me! Amen?