Sunday, 30 July 2017

Honeyed Morning

After a long night of carousing
And browsing the ocean for fish,
The racoons slowly return
To their family bush
Before Venus, above, vanishes
From my vantage point
Of my makeshift veranda;
Seagulls squawk as 
They scout out their 
'All you can eat' breakfast;
Geese honk as they fly 
Through the sky;
A few cars on the ground
Begin with muffled sounds;
The starlings start their day
With high-pitched squeaks,
Eager to fill their hungry beaks
Some sort of alarm goes off
Not a car, nor a rooster,
Not a sound that I'm used to
But some sort of bird 
That insists to be heard;
A sunlit plane passes by
Like a golden fish 
In the pale blue sky;
Now crows 
Join the 'dawn chorus'
Of boisterous birds
Primed for the sun 
To, once again, perform 
Bringing light and warm; 
The treetops begin to glow,
With birds tinged with
The sun beneath their wings;
Tweets are rapidly sent 
Between distant trees
Perhaps cousins or brothers
Are telling one another 
Their annelid dreams;
One last call 
For a clan of racoons
To head to the beach 
As the sunbeams reach
Above the horizon;
A silent heron hurries past -
Too quick for my camera, alas;
While most of my neighbours 
Lie snuggled in bed,
I am warmed by this honeyed scene;
By its sweetness, I'm fed
July 29, 2017