Sunday, 4 December 2016

Morning Feast

The full moon
is resting in the west
on top of telephone wires
The sky,
a lavender mystery;
indigo clouds conspire
to cloak the orb
as it slowly sinks,
while in the east, a feast
of tangerines and pinks
December 2009

Snow Angels

Do children in heaven make snowflakes
Or angels, with crystallized pens
Precisely designing each one
Unique as a sunset, a print of a hand
Do they sit on a cloud while they blow them
Like soap bubbles, down to the earth
Letting the wind take them wherever
Inviting hushes and juvenile mirth
Do they watch in delight as they see
Tobogganers and skiers below
And cherubic children with rosy red cheeks
Making angels in fresh fallen snow
December 2013

A Child Delights in the Mystery and Wonder of Christmas

How can a joy-filled man
Descend from up above
With so many treasures
For those who in
Him do believe
How does he know my name
And know the great desire
Within my hoping heart?

A small offering of gratitude
I've set apart for him
In the silence, I listen
For a sign of his arrival
I am restless
Wanting to see
A glimpse of him
To know for certain
That he is real

I know some people doubt;
Their eyes have become old
And faded,
But I believe
I believe in Christmas
I believe in Christ
December 2015