Saturday, 11 June 2016

Sunset from the Ferry

A ball of fire
descends into the sea,
rivers of lava flow
into the ripples,
liquid gold and
red embers forge;
the sun is sliced
by the clouds
suspended above
its blushing reflection;
now, like
half an orange
it smiles back at me
as I watch,
absorbed by this
glorious orb,
immersed in the
golden night sea
June 30, 2008

Follow the Butterfly's Path

Follow the butterfly's path
as it drifts
from orchid to aster;
trace its trail
as it slows
then beckons you
to move faster;
pause as it
tarries so briefly
upon nectar
till it flutters away,
follow the butterfly's path
in the fragrant array
of summer's
succulent vistas,
feasts for the eyes
and the nose;
forget the world
for a moment
and savour the rose
June 25, 2008

Daisy Dilemma

He loves me, he loves me not
Back and forth, the daisies sway
Does he love me, yea or nay?
To and fro, from side to side
The age-old question to decide
Daisy, daisy, give me your answer true
Does he love me, love me not
Tel me, daisy, do
June 26, 2010

Bees Do It

The bees are getting busy
On the bus
Causing quite a buzz
Bustling passengers
Are being wary
Not to bump
Their bumping bodies
They're doin' it
Don't ruin it
Or you might get it in the end
With a sticky stinger
My bumbling friend
June 15, 2010

Stop Hummingbird

Stop, hummingbird, stop!
Go and smell the roses divine
There is no nectar her for you
This is just a traffic sign
June 11, 2010

On Being a Moth

Shall I compare me to a butterfly
With brilliant painted wings
Whom children chase and frolic with
Through fragrant leas in spring

I might be tossed and turned about
In shadows for long hours
While the butterfly flits and flies
In sunshine sipping flowers

Yes, we both have a common genesis
Crawling on the dusty earth
And we share a wise Creator
Who designates our worth

I am assured that I am
Always in His sight
So I shed the baggage of this world
And flutter toward the Light
June 3, 2010

Sunny Fun Day

The man with the sunny disposition
In the position behind me
In the line at the grocery store
Surveys my berries,
Reproves me for sport
For exceeding the limit
I quickly assure him
We are not it,
(The line for express)
Too early for you, I guess
At 8:21? He protests, but
We both attest
It's a great day to be up
"Look at the smile in the sky,"
He flubs, meaning the sun
But no mistaking, it feels like
God's saying, "Have fun!"
And I did
June 27, 2012

Stretching R & R

Like a lion, the ornamental grasses
Lie upon the stone-filled yard
Reflective of meditative retreats
Unlike the street's
High-maintenance lawns
With watering and weeding
She'd much rather gather
A blanket and book
Point her feet in the path
Of the park by the shore
With lush lawns and gardens
Hers free to enjoy
A water feature
With sailboats and kayaks,
An occasional otter;
Here she'll relax
Away from the stacks
Of things she 'should' do
No phone calls to woo her indoors
She has time to rest and restore
From the roar of the city
Like a lion, beneath African sun
June 25, 2012

Treasures of Spring

En route to an outdoor
Bevy of bargains,
I see a proliferation of poppies
Filling someone's front yard
(Buttercups clutter the side)
My eyes delight in the sight
A I all too quickly pass by
Further on, a length of fence
Employs to corral
This bright orange joy

I disembark from the bus
And decrease my pace,
Stroll past vivid gardens
And a duck-filled stream,
Savour the sun's
Long-hoped for embrace,
Pause at the sound of rejoicing
That flitters through
Whispering leaves

Even the basket I rescued
From the boulevard
(A cast-off
From one of the hundreds of
Trash/treasure sales)
Is decorated with flowers -
A handy receptacle
For 50 cent vases
And a handful of daisies,
Poppies, campanula

With my pockets still full of jingle,
I meander back home
Inhaling rosy perfume
June 9, 2012

Friday, 10 June 2016

Amy Winehouse

Her heart wanted 
what it would not attain:
to hear her father's voice
tenderly call her name

Instead she heard it screamed
by nameless fans. Fame
caused her to grieve the gift
with which she had been graced

She had been born to sing
and write about her pain,
learn to live by living 
as her idol had maintained

His heart was sad and lonely
when he saw her silent remains
For such a brief moment
we were warmed by her bright flame 
June 10, 2016
Inspired by the documentary, "Amy". 

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Reaping Early Rewards

5 a.m. finds me
With camera in hand,
Feet out the door
For a pink sky and sea
Down by the shore

My eyes and ears focus
On a pair of geese afloat,
Dozens honking on sand
A gray fishing boat
Ventures out for the day
I see condos submerge
In fractured reflections
In the calm blue bay
A light scarf of clouds
Covers white-capped peaks

At a picnic table
I sit down to feast
On window-panes shining
As the sun lights up the east;
Swifts live up to their name
Swirling around the stanchion
Where birdhouses dwell;
A heron hunkers down
On a log for a spell

From behind me
Comes a curious sound
I see the wet webbed feet
Of waddling geese
When I turn around;
This flock of fifteen
Shakes off their feathers,
The goslings nestle
Into a cluster;
I muster the courage
To slowly move closer
The ganders approve

My camera captures
The golden geese
With their family squabbles
And morning rituals;
Their victuals digested
They now find release
Wherever is convenient
Even if that means
On the back of another
Be it sister or brother

They begin to
Head for higher ground;
A snack in the grass
By one is found;
The mother goose
Spreads her wings to gather
Dawdling stragglers

As I, too, toddle on my way
I feel blessed and privileged
Like I had a golden ticket
On this bright auspicious day
June 4, 2016