Saturday, 30 April 2016

Blessings of Spring

California poppies
Pop, orange bright,
Into my view
To my glee and delight;
Sunshine sparkles
On the kayakers' path;
Songbirds flit about excitedly
Causing me to laugh;
Spring has
Most assuredly arrived;
On a day like this
Who wouldn't feel
Blessed to be alive


Cedars and sequoias
Line the walls of her cathedral
From the lotus, she leafs through
Parchments of elderberry on birch
She becomes sage
Through this communion
Having drunken fully
From this earthy bouquet
She rises and sings
As a chorus of fiddleheads
Follow her home

May Day

May Day! May Day!
The golden trumpets blare
Spring's arrived  in all her glory
Blooming everywhere

Daffodils and tulips
Grace the promenade
Displaying finest finery
To praise of oohs and aahs

Revelling in sunshine
Butterflies abound
Robins' trills return -
Springtime's sweetest sound

Breezes blow their warming winds
Through magnolia trees
Lilac bushes come to life
Cherry blossoms please

The beauty and the fragrances
Of spring, invigorates
May Day! May Day!
It's time to celebrate

Dear Mother

You have always held me
Ever since I breathed
Your rosy scent
There in your fruitful garden
Where peaceful days
Were spent;
You led me to the ocean
And taught me to explore
Your beauty
Surrounding me,
Constant as
The ebbing shore;
Pussy willows
You gave to me,
Delighting me
With child-like mirth;
I applaud you
For all these gifts
Dear Mother Earth


The sun has lit
Upon my slender form
As I trumpet spring's arrival
With my ruffled horn

Lovers swoon beside me,
My brilliant golden hue
And pluck me from the earth
Whispering, "I love you"

Oh, what joy I bring
The poets that I thrill
Immortalized by Wordsworth
Delightful daffodil

Magical May

Dollops of buttercups
Flavour the ground,
Mid-morning dew disappears;
The rocks cry out
With wild-flower abandon;
Perfumed petals proclaim
The return of the Spring

To daisies, aspire
Ever reaching higher,
The cedars ascend
Sending down
Their mystical scent;
Whippoorwills sing
While butterflies dance

Down the lane,
Alice stumbles
Tower above;
Around the bend
The willow dangles
Her fingertips
Into the stream;
Jewels of sunlight
Are just out of reach

Loitering geese feast
In this scene
Till they trumpet and fly
To the gaggle
Down by the lagoon;
A dragonfly hovers,
Then it's gone
Like this snapshot of Heaven,
It's all gone too soon
Written in May 2006 mostly in Hatley Gardens at Royal Roads.

Dollops of buttercups flavour the ground
Robins return with their cheery cheerful sound
The sunset's delaying now midway through May
For leisurely walks at the end of the day
It's time to take notice of all this good nature
Inhaling lilacs, let your spirit be nurtured
Written in May 2010 because of the love for the first line in the previous poem.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Welcome to Canada

With a glowing heart, patriotic pride
I saw them rise, some people, strong and free
From far and wide, my Canada,
They stood in praise of thee

A young Indian woman
In her new-found home
Feels safe, is safe
While travelling alone

An Iranian woman
Who is finally free
To feel her long hair
Blown by a breeze

A grateful woman from China
Pursues education as the answer
So she can give back,
Hopes to eradicate cancer

An Egyptian man
Concerned for the shade of his skin
Found it wasn't an issue -
He easily fit in

A Venezuelan man
Who sadly said farewell
To family, friends, a job
Is faring very well

A Mexican family
Finding a new home
With opportunities
In our land of hope

A Belgian man,
World traveller and wise
Said with certainty,
“This is paradise”

This is Canada,
A welcoming nation rich with diversity
Where nationalities, cultures, customs
Are part of our identity

God keep our land
Glorious and free
To expand and blossom
From sea to sea to sea
March 16, 2016 
Written after my husband's Canadian citizenship ceremony. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A Time of Unruffling

A bird-like light
Emerges through gray clouds
Where I sit immersed
In feathered flight
A heron alights atop a tree
A pair of geese,
Appear by my feet
A single crow perches in-between
A solar panel and a lamp
My sandaled feet are damp
From an assortment
Of tiny rain-soaked flowers
On my nearby lawn
I might stay here for hours
Sitting on a rock by the bay
Watching the gulls fly in
And watching them fly out again
Not wasting time
While my laundry spins
But tasting life
At a slower pace
Making room for peace
In this placid place
April 13, 2016

Monday, 11 April 2016

Theatre in the Park

The willow tree takes centre stage
Ready to perform her matinee
With marionette-like moves she takes her cue
And softly starts to sway

Each section in her vast ensemble
Moves to the beat of different orchestrations
Her languid leaves depict a script
Inspired by Hawaiian girl's imaginations

From the rafters to the floor,
Her movements mesmerize the audience
Slowly she sashays from side to side
Then suddenly some chaos fills her dance

She pauses briefly before the 2nd act
Of her pantomime for spring
Like a chorus-line of ballerinas
She lets her talent flourish in full swing

She basks in nature's velvet breeze
For this is what she was created for
She bows and leaves the crowd desiring more
Then rushes back and gives a 3rd and 4th encore
I wrote this in April 2005 in Hatley Gardens at Royal Roads, a very inspiring place for me. 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Man in the Moon

The man in the moon 
Boards his boat every month
And paddles to far-reaching shores
He sails the black waters 
In his fluorescent craft
With stars on the starboard and port
This is probably the only poem that I have completely memorized. Since writing this in April 2005, it comes to mind often when I see the waxing crescent moon. My attempt at computer graphic imaging.