Sunday, 10 July 2016

An Acrobatic Architect

The spider prides himself
On cleverly constructing every web
He chooses the site, height,
Design and parameters
Permanence is not afforded him
He must adapt to change quickly
His flycatcher is flimsy
He has no time for whimsy
Nor silly parlour games
Like Connect4 or Aggravation
He is an acrobatic architect
Worthy of awe and applause
Instead of squeamish squeals
And getting squished
July 31, 2015

Gabriola Sunrise

A concert of geese
Skim the water pre-dawn
Like a bad violinist,
The marina squeaks
And groans its own song
Crows and chirping birds blend in
A motor hums near the distant fog
Though tired, I rise
To see the sun light the sea
I wait nestled in a blanket
While my husband of 2 1/2 days
Slices and feeds me an apple
The water is calm, reflective
A seagull roosts atop a pylon
And performs his rooster impression
For the sailors' wake-up call
The clouds begin to blush
The water ripples copper
In a fluid native-like psychedelic dance
A crow interjects his placement here
Clouds turn from pink to golden
The geese return to rouse latecomers
To witness this moving painting
The flock floats in a buffet line
Purple goldfish shape-shift
Beneath the surface of the water
The blue expanse expands
As clouds dissolve in the sun's approach
A twin engine heads to the east
While we wait here
As the sun spreads
Through the mantle
Of mottled ghostly clouds
That momentarily rest above
The evergreens
They slowly slide out of the vista
As the sun begins to burst and blaze
In blinding radiance
We share this moment
In sunlit faces
Preserved in photographs and poetry
The sun is in full body
Pouring itself into the glass of sea
We drink in this robust view
As the neighbouring sailboat departs
To display the port side
Of another moored vessel
It becomes a silent movie screen
Of light and shadow
As Aurora rises
I almost descend below before
Spying a spider web-
A copper coil of stunning design
Shimmering prisms
Of fragility and strength

Feeling fragile,
I return to my bunk
And seek strength for the day ahead
The sun is hidden by clouds
When I finally stir
My cup of tea
My reflection shimmers, calm
July 22, 2014


Before daybreak
The leaves are still
All is hush
Save for the flapping wings
And morning chatter
Among feathered friends

As the golden globe
Rewarding us
With light to see
God's new mercies,
The shadows flee

In their rush
They leave behind a breeze
That rustles leaves
The rat race begins
The din of driving
Distracts us
From this better thing

We descend the mountain
And resume the business
Of another day
Keeping at bay the busyness,
The flapping
And rustling rush

Our souls quieted
To hear a still small voice,
To breathe in
The perfumed air
And see every bush aflame
Lit by the sun
July 17, 2014

Led By the Nose

As I walked through town,
The scent of incense
Tried to lure me into a shop
...I didn't stop

Wafting leather
Contended to corral me
Into purchasing a new purse
But I dispersed

In the park, the heliotrope
Greeted me
And welcomed me to pause
I found good cause

While the forest invited me
To meander beneath its canopy
Of oaks and sun-warmed cedars, firs
I did concur

In the distance, sea waves glistened
Their goodness, I inhaled
Breathing out a grateful prayer
For priceless treasures in the air
July 30, 2011


While hunting for a secluded spot to recline
A little white bunny darted before my eyes
Then down and around the corner, I veered
Almost bumping right into, a tall antlered deer
Past a crowd of crickets, I leisurely walked
Until I encountered what came as a shock
A fragile fawn and I exchanged glances
Until it no longer felt safe taking chances
And into the shrubbery it disappeared from my sight
Then finally I discovered a haven, much to my own delight
Safe from the breeze that was mixed with sea chill
Where I could lie down in the summer sun, still
Watching dragonflies and honeybees as time sped away
On this phenomenal, natural high type of day
Now rustling in the thicket beside me, a deer
Was it another, or did one follow me here
I cannot decide, nor if I've felt the smile of God
But I have discerned serenity and for that I applaud
July 17, 2010

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Notable Disclosures

Beneath the leafy pergola
Coins of sunlight
Deposit into the tiny stream
That would go unnoticed
Save for its tinkling voice

From there,
My virgin eyes are exposed to
A brood of peacock hatchlings
With humble colour and constitution
Meandering across the pond
In this garden
Of Japanese design

I edge along the water's edge
Hoping to appropriate
Their likenesses on film
But they promptly withdraw
To the security of shadows

I am left to scribble notes
Promising myself
They will be exchanged
For a poetical account
Of these notable disclosures
July 27, 2009

The Flying Passerines

Perfect orbs of plume and feather
Appear before me now
Twig-like legs
Traverse the tender boughs
Bouncing upon tendrils,
Hanging upside down
These tiny pine tree dwellers
Are the cutest acrobats in town
July 7, 2009

A Dog's Life

He perfectly suited the name
That we had previously picked out
For he was wiser than the average dog
Of that there was no doubt

At the playground by the beach
There were trees to climb, with cooling shade,
Swings and a slide that Weiser
Went up and down (both ways)

When sledding time arrived
He pulled my daughter through the snow
Then he joined us going down the hill
Once by himself, how our laughter flowed

He was not only smart, but handsome
His likeness appeared on book covers
But sadly, he met his demise
By someone who was not a dog lover

His sister, Bud, the cat
Was out of town at the time
But it could have only been a rat
That would take a life so fine
July 4, 2009

Senses Stirred

I have seen You
In the shadow of the morning
When the sun and moon
Trade places in the dance
And in the evening
As the constellations form
Guided by Your sovereign hands
I have heard You
In the robin's lilting melody
And in the crashing waves
Of the constant sea
As I inhale
The fragrances of spring
And savour summer's fruit
I taste and breathe, my spirit sings
I can feel You
In a loving child's embrace
And I sense through all these senses
That Your goodness flows with grace
July 31, 2008

Creation's Story

I lie on the grass
And scan
The volume of sky;
Through my view
Soars an eagle,
A miniature hummingbird
Perusing the blossoms
For nectar,
A squirrel traverses a tree
Then dashes off,
A dragonfly pauses
Resting upon my knee;
With nothing to read
But Creation
Declaring God's glory,
I find language fails me
I am left without words,
In the story God shares
July 12, 2008

Mariposa Weather

From the wings of butterflies,
You have ordained delight
To ride the winds of summer
Like rhapsodies in flight
A silent song with moving
Melodious riffs
That rise and fall,
Spiral, sway and drift
Then rest upon the flowerbeds
And dance as if a feather
I love to wander free and gaze
When it's mariposa weather
July 12, 2008