Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Gather in the Garden

The garden
It's where we first came to life

The Father's hands
Had planted seeds,
Stooped down,
Gathered soil
Then Yahweh breathed
Slowly, deeply

On our knees
We tend to harvest
And remember
In September
And the fall
The call
To gather in the garden

There we reap
A bounty of good-ness,
Taste and savour
Giving thanks
For the Lord's
Abundant favour
Autumn 2014

Like Ripening Fruit

Like ripening fruit,
Clusters of leaves appear
The scent of rotting
From the ground
Tells me autumn's here

Umbrellas become
A necessary accessory
Clouds the nouveau norm
Shorts and sandals
Go into hibernation
Breath visible in early morn

Farewell summer
I'm sad to say goodbye
It's been a slice
But hey, hello pumpkin pie
September 2011

Autumn Blazes In

As I travel in a northerly direction
I ascertain through visual perception
That autumn has begun in blazes
Gold and yellow fill ocular gazes
In the south, it's much more subtle
Here, you needn't pose rebuttals
Autumn has arrived
Weeks before the equinox
Galloping through the forest
Unpack your woollen socks!
September 2010

Open Air Theatre

Autumn arrives on stage
Coached by whispering winds
Her limbs shiver and tremble
But in the spotlight she resembles
A peacock displaying its plumes
Her costumes she quickly changes
Leaving a patchwork of shades
On the dressing room floor
There will be no final encore
But rave reviews she receives
When she finally leaves the scene
With naked humble boughs
September 2009


Concords speed to my lips,
Their fruit exploding
Through their seams;
A rush of pleasure ignites
The desire for more;
My taste buds soar-
These grapes are first class
September 2008

The Girls of Gamboge

One story
Comes to a close
As Summer descends
Into the final stage
Of melanoma's curse

This vivid tale
Since ancient times'
Retelling, has left
Saffron pages curled
And tattered ,
Splattered, worn

A new chapter unfolds
As Amber and Scarlet
Erupt on the scene,
Auburn highlighting
Their crowning glory

These stunning sisters
With flickering hazel
Pigments and tinted
With crimson's kiss,
Leave their mark
On the countryside

Their sassy style,
Making even the
Hickory brothers blush
September 2007

Autumnal Alliteration

The leaves are leaving the landscape
As amber acrobats attempt to fly
Bronze ballerinas bend
Swirling through the shivering sky

Cinnamon couples celebrate
During this demonstration of delight
With their spread of sangria and salmon
They feast on fall's fabulous sights
September 2007