Sunday, 20 November 2016


See the visual

Did you see the starlings
See the starlings
Flying in the sky
In the sky
Hundreds upon hundreds
Upon hundreds
Of feathered wings
Swirling, swarming wings
Teaming for a twilight dance
Unified dynamic dance
Can you hear them murmuring
Murmuring, swirling
Where the spirit flows
Swooping over, under,
Over, under and again
As daylight falls
As daylight falls

Did you see the starlings
See the starlings
Flying in the sky

Like a song of praise,
They gather all as one
Lifting wings upon the wind
Bowing down onto the ground
Rising, falling, flowing, forming
A swarm of celebration
Hallelujah, blessed Creator
We glorify Your name

Murmuration Mesmerization

Aerial ballet, cosmic dance
Exuberant fliers grace heaven
Inspire joy, kindle lauds
Nature's own phenomenon
Quintessential rhythmic starlings
Twirling upward
Vivifying wonder
Exalting Yahweh zestfully
November 2011

Yer Beatle's Blues

Dear Prudence:
Do you want to know a secret?

On my birthday,
I was fixing a hole
With Maxwell's silver hammer
On Penny Lane
When mean Mr. Mustard,
The taxman said,
"Lovely Rita,
Why don't we do it in the road?"

Nothin shakin
That'll be the day
I'll cry instead
Get back, bad boy

Dizzy Miss Lizzy
(Devil in her heart)
She said, she said
I'm a loser

Ooh! My soul
Here, there and everywhere
Just a day in the life

So I drove my car
Helter skelter
Across the universe
With Eleanor Rigby
The paperback writer;
She wrote
Being For the Benefit of Mr Kite,
I Am the Walrus
And Your Bird Can Sing

Well, we were searchin'
For Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band
On their magical mystery tour
Eight days a week
This was no day tripper
But I was glad all over
Obla di, obla da

After a hard day's night,
The night before
We stopped at the Yellow Submarine
Near the Octopus's Garden
In was in the middle of nowhere, man
Down the long and winding road
Past strawberry fields forever

Then a girl, Michelle
She came in through the bathroom window
(Don't ask me why)
The two of us
Did the twist and shout
Until good morning, good morning
Here comes the sun

I told her
We can work it out
And I love her
But this bird had flown
She got a ticket to ride
She's back in the USSR
While my guitar gently weeps
And I can't buy me love

I should have known better
When I saw her standing there
And she said,
"Hello, goodbye
I wanna hold your hand
I gotta get you into my life"

Lady Madonna
Love me do
Let it be
A good day, sunshine
Let us come together now
Not when I'm 64
Or is happiness a warm gun

Hey, Jude always said,
"All you need is love"
But am I a fool on the hill-
Lucy in the sky with diamonds
If I fell

Thank you girl
For reading the ballad of John and Yoko

All my loving,
From me to you

P.S. I love you
November 2008

Spark Plugged

Ephemeral phrases
Have been siphoned off,
Leaving me lurching
And stalled
My fingers finger
At random keys
Hoping to unlock
A thought

I wait for a charge
To reverse me from
This murky impasse
No spark ignites
I fume
And am choked,
Out of gas

Stranded within
This maze of dismay,
Fuelled only
With hollow vapour;
To hope, I clutch
To be driven from such
But I'm finding
Naught for my labour

I make an appeal
To end this ordeal
And send up a flare
To the muses
They throw me a wrench,
Say my wires are crossed
And they'll have to
Order more fuses

My reserve of expletives
I sputter off in the night,
Careening into my bed
To dream of a poem to write
November 2008

And They're Off

Like a marathon of runners,
The leaves race down the street
A few soon get distracted
By traffic, and retreat

Regaining their momentum,
They gather lagging ones
Who swerve into the fray,
Not willing to be outdone

With the wind upon their backs,
Around the corner, they scurry
Attempting to catch up
In a gust of bustling hurry

Down the road they plunge
Until they reach the wall
Where a golden trophy waits
For the wind who swept them all
November 2008

When the Moon Is Round

The moon is waxing -
Slippery are my feline's feet
In a tizzy, she scatters
Down the hall in rapid retreat
Up the walls she tries to scale
Her crazy antics abound
And we all howl in unison
When the moon is round
November 2007

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Dark Day in the Life (A Beatles remake)

I read the news today, oh boy
About an orange man who makes me cringe
And though the news was rather dire
Well, I just had to pray
Maybe he’ll go away

It blew my mind it went this far
I guess America really wanted change
A crowd of people stood and stared
He’s the one from The Apprentice
Nobody was really sure if he’s the Orange Menace

I saw a pic today, oh boy;
A German paper had Melania 
A crowd of people turned to look
At their next First Lady 
Completely naked

I'd love to turn back time