Saturday, 6 August 2016

Liquid at Day's End

Sitting on the dock
Of the lake called Swan
Watching the sun descend

Birds sing their evensong
As the sun's reflection
Bathes the water
Gold and pink

I think I see a smile
As the sun rests
On the horizon
Beneath brightly-tinted clouds

I am immersed
In this moment
Mesmerized, moved
By the water's rhythm
And with its flow
I am united

And you are here with me
August 20, 2013

Anthophobia: Fear of Flowers

Of such things, I've never heard
To me, it sounds quite absurd
That a flower of any genus
Could to some be such a menace
And not because of allergens
Simply petals, stamens, stems
A pansy's face, daffodil's horn
Venus flytrap, a rose's thorn
These might cause heart palpitations
Effecting one to need sedation
But if they dozed in a hospital room
Don't let them awake amid blooms
Bouquets of fruit, balloons or candy
Would for the anthophobe be dandy
Don't bring dahlias, lilies or Sweet William,
Peonies, foxglove, phlox or trilliums
No nasty nasturtiums or bunches of tulips
They might make the fearsome one flip
And the devil's flower is duly condemned
Even plastic impostors shouldn't be sent
To those who dread delphiniums and daisies
But send them to me; for flowers, I'm crazy
August 18, 2010

Waves Wash Over Me

Waves wash over me
While in the surf, I run
I behold a shining pearl
That is the setting sun

Waves wash over me
As I race against the tide
Until this jewel disappears
And diamonds fill the sky
August 4, 2007