Saturday, 7 May 2016

Placebo Okinhand

Come and sample
A simple remedy
Passed down on parchment
Through chapters of history
Book your appointment
Not with an apothecary 
But with a poet perhaps,
An author of literary 
A dose of this medicine,
The energy of art,
Will benefit blood pressure
And the rate of your heart
Soothing portions 
Of poetic meditation
Is better by far 
Than costly medication
Have trouble relaxing?
Take from your nightstand
The natural path to rest
And place book in hand
It's not a placebo
But truly therapeutic 
Whether or not 
You're symptomatic or sick
Travel in time 
And to other locales
Lo-cal pleasure awaits 
As you meet with new pals 
From our fractured world
Fly to foreign nations
Jettison your baggage
Fuel imagination 
For a moment, an hour
Forget your concerns
Read, read and repeat
Curled up like a worm 
May 7, 2016
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