Saturday, 4 June 2016

Reaping Early Rewards

5 a.m. finds me
With camera in hand,
Feet out the door
For a pink sky and sea
Down by the shore

My eyes and ears focus
On a pair of geese afloat,
Dozens honking on sand
A gray fishing boat
Ventures out for the day
I see condos submerge
In fractured reflections
In the calm blue bay
A light scarf of clouds
Covers white-capped peaks

At a picnic table
I sit down to feast
On window-panes shining
As the sun lights up the east;
Swifts live up to their name
Swirling around the stanchion
Where birdhouses dwell;
A heron hunkers down
On a log for a spell

From behind me
Comes a curious sound
I see the wet webbed feet
Of waddling geese
When I turn around;
This flock of fifteen
Shakes off their feathers,
The goslings nestle
Into a cluster;
I muster the courage
To slowly move closer
The ganders approve

My camera captures
The golden geese
With their family squabbles
And morning rituals;
Their victuals digested
They now find release
Wherever is convenient
Even if that means
On the back of another
Be it sister or brother

They begin to
Head for higher ground;
A snack in the grass
By one is found;
The mother goose
Spreads her wings to gather
Dawdling stragglers

As I, too, toddle on my way
I feel blessed and privileged
Like I had a golden ticket
On this bright auspicious day
June 4, 2016

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