Sunday, 10 July 2016


While hunting for a secluded spot to recline
A little white bunny darted before my eyes
Then down and around the corner, I veered
Almost bumping right into, a tall antlered deer
Past a crowd of crickets, I leisurely walked
Until I encountered what came as a shock
A fragile fawn and I exchanged glances
Until it no longer felt safe taking chances
And into the shrubbery it disappeared from my sight
Then finally I discovered a haven, much to my own delight
Safe from the breeze that was mixed with sea chill
Where I could lie down in the summer sun, still
Watching dragonflies and honeybees as time sped away
On this phenomenal, natural high type of day
Now rustling in the thicket beside me, a deer
Was it another, or did one follow me here
I cannot decide, nor if I've felt the smile of God
But I have discerned serenity and for that I applaud
July 17, 2010

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