Sunday, 20 November 2016

Spark Plugged

Ephemeral phrases
Have been siphoned off,
Leaving me lurching
And stalled
My fingers finger
At random keys
Hoping to unlock
A thought

I wait for a charge
To reverse me from
This murky impasse
No spark ignites
I fume
And am choked,
Out of gas

Stranded within
This maze of dismay,
Fuelled only
With hollow vapour;
To hope, I clutch
To be driven from such
But I'm finding
Naught for my labour

I make an appeal
To end this ordeal
And send up a flare
To the muses
They throw me a wrench,
Say my wires are crossed
And they'll have to
Order more fuses

My reserve of expletives
I sputter off in the night,
Careening into my bed
To dream of a poem to write
November 2008

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