Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Engaged in My Eden

The moment I enter the trail
That leads to centuries-old trees,
I feel the soft earth 
Beneath my pavement-worn feet;
It has been far too long 
Since I have felt 
The welcoming carpet of needles,
Relieving the pressures of life;
Waterfalls are plentiful as birdsong;

The murmur of traffic is drowned out; 
My worries are washed away

I sit with pen in hand
Upon a mound of earth,
Watching the sunlight

Favour some trees over others

I don't want to leave,
But I have only begun my journey 
I rise to see 
What else awaits me around the bend 

All senses are engaged, 
As my camera tries to capture
Where I am,
But I am no longer in this world
God is with me here. 
Is this heaven? 
I follow the footpath to find out

Dare I approach a bush aflame?

Who needs museums' dusty artifacts?

I am umbrella-ed by foliage, 

Serenaded by a nameless bird; 
There's much to investigate here
Within the pools of life-giving water 

This place is called Charlie's Trail,
But it is God's Trail (and mine)
We are alone here
Though a plane's motor overhead
Reminds me

To the city I must return;
Passengers may be on their way 
To a vacation;
This is mine
A holy day, communing 
With my kind Creator

I journal via video, 
Keepsakes to treasure;
I divert from the path,
Led by a minstrel making music
With water over descending stones
Below a universe upon a branch;
High above, a woodpecker flits 
From tree to mossy tree,
Taps out its own beat

A fly quickly buzzes past; 
A sunlit berry, not yet ripe,
 Invites me to return

But I am not ready to leave 
Just yet
I query to the hole 
In the bottom of the tree:
Is anybody home?
My heart replies, 
"Yes, I am" 
Where I marvel at so much -
Mystery and majesty,
 Much like my God

I prune a branch of dead leaves,
Watch them drift in the breeze,
Fall to decompose 
Upon the ground
I stand, upon a rock, 
Solid, my footing is firm,
My spirit is getting there
With this dose of relief
From the bothersome bustle
That waits beyond these borders
Of cedar and calm

I bring with me a bough 
And a sacramental stone
(As I depart 
Into the full light of sun)
Tangible reminders 
Of when I was led 
Beside quiet waters
And my soul was refreshed 
June 21, 2017


  1. What a wonderful break from computer work to tread with you in the presence of the Divine One expressing Godself through this surrounding evolving Creation! Thank you!
    -- Bruce around the corner

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the journey. Do you know the trail?