Saturday, 30 April 2016

Magical May

Dollops of buttercups
Flavour the ground,
Mid-morning dew disappears;
The rocks cry out
With wild-flower abandon;
Perfumed petals proclaim
The return of the Spring

To daisies, aspire
Ever reaching higher,
The cedars ascend
Sending down
Their mystical scent;
Whippoorwills sing
While butterflies dance

Down the lane,
Alice stumbles
Tower above;
Around the bend
The willow dangles
Her fingertips
Into the stream;
Jewels of sunlight
Are just out of reach

Loitering geese feast
In this scene
Till they trumpet and fly
To the gaggle
Down by the lagoon;
A dragonfly hovers,
Then it's gone
Like this snapshot of Heaven,
It's all gone too soon
Written in May 2006 mostly in Hatley Gardens at Royal Roads.

Dollops of buttercups flavour the ground
Robins return with their cheery cheerful sound
The sunset's delaying now midway through May
For leisurely walks at the end of the day
It's time to take notice of all this good nature
Inhaling lilacs, let your spirit be nurtured
Written in May 2010 because of the love for the first line in the previous poem.

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