Monday, 11 April 2016

Theatre in the Park

The willow tree takes centre stage
Ready to perform her matinee
With marionette-like moves she takes her cue
And softly starts to sway

Each section in her vast ensemble
Moves to the beat of different orchestrations
Her languid leaves depict a script
Inspired by Hawaiian girl's imaginations

From the rafters to the floor,
Her movements mesmerize the audience
Slowly she sashays from side to side
Then suddenly some chaos fills her dance

She pauses briefly before the 2nd act
Of her pantomime for spring
Like a chorus-line of ballerinas
She lets her talent flourish in full swing

She basks in nature's velvet breeze
For this is what she was created for
She bows and leaves the crowd desiring more
Then rushes back and gives a 3rd and 4th encore
I wrote this in April 2005 in Hatley Gardens at Royal Roads, a very inspiring place for me. 

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